Wrap Bracelet | Morocco in Pink

$18.00 USD

$18.00 USD


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Product Description

Especially made for nudes, brown/beige, and blush monochromatic ensembles, for a dramatic elegant chicness. This strand of Morocco agate has hues of pink along with the natural earth tones, which is why you see the sprinkling of pink accent beads along the bracelet.

Measurements: One size

Metals: stainless Steel, sterling silver

Finish: Polished

Style: beaded wrap bracelet, stretch bracelet, adjustable bracelet, beaded coil bracelet

Beads: (1) Morocco agate in 10mm and 8mm (2) faceted Czech glass and glass pearl (3) tiger skin glass oval bead

About tiger skin and cherry quartz glass beads. They was once confusion about them being gemstones because of there durability and look resembling strawberry and cherry and rutilated quartz, and so became quite valuable.

Color may vary with each item. Fit will vary depending wrist size.

Beaded Morocco agate wrap bracelet with pink hues.