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Turquoise and Coral Earrings


Item collection 264b0c6f 522e 4c4a a3e2 c3ca8d5d0fca

Wrap Bracelet | Turquoise and Coral


Item collection 76ce1785 4584 42bc aae7 825545532249

Charm | Zipper Pull | Bag Charm - Jasper and Green Agate


Item collection 23fcaa75 7db5 45ae 84b7 11901391b8db

Red Bamboo Coral Cluster Drop Earrings


Item collection 7742f2ba 53cd 4f82 85f0 9cc45ca07ded

Dangle Earrings | Green Jasper Turquoise and Agate Gemstone Sterling Silver Earrings


Item collection bc08a7f9 b3d3 4a76 9be1 ade08c634977

Pendant and Chain | Green Jasper and Onyx Gemstone Necklace


Item collection 3907a425 b7a6 4309 849b 98dc1ca46f3a

Perseverance Natural Hemp Wrap, One Size Bracelet in 3 Colors


Item collection 1f0977fa 1662 4492 8a48 68ba086b0c75

Perseverance Natural Hemp Wrap | Green


Item collection e9e3d0af 3249 498b b7ab 2f3fb9d5b28b

Wrap Bracelet | Morocco in Pink


Item collection 2984cf4c 40bc 48f4 97a4 02c59fb1479b

Stick Pin | Chain Tassel


Item collection e0c06282 dc23 4458 b2aa 55b7d59faaad

Green Tassel Stretch Bracelet


Item collection 89c0e563 e3c6 48c5 b7a8 78eb0bed9d27

Black Onyx and Purple Earrings


Item collection 16314439 4ab4 451c 9f65 7caa9ca050d5

Keychain | Jasper W/Coppery Brown and Purple


Item collection 602fa816 a2e1 41dc 9232 e9499770391e

Purse Charm | Black Onyx


Item collection 6a84ae94 daa1 4fa3 9090 67b213a497ef

Purse Charm | Botswana Agate


Item collection 9f5ef0d3 fd40 429a 9d15 e3395cedba6f

Wrap Bracelet | Red Coral


Item collection e3d7039e 630d 4598 9554 e1c41b15fe77

Black Onyx Teardrop Earrings | 14K Gold Filled


Item collection 02097deb abe0 47cc 80e2 7195e370017c

Asymmetrical Red Black and Gold Earrings | 14K Gold Filled


Item collection 9a296833 9f4b 43ea 8b1f e1a08b9d9c15

Charm | Zipper Pull | Bag Charm - Bell Cap


Item collection 36cc19a8 498b 4d9f 9368 7234103fcb5f

Faceted Blue and Botswana Agate Flexible Cuff Bracelet


Item collection eac1b0a5 1956 4283 882b a69a9de0aa3b

Purple and Black Agate Stretch Bracelet


Item collection 1212ff73 1216 4682 a275 40214d190262

Coral Pink Amethyst Stretch Bracelet


Natural Agate Inspired Beaded Jewelry Embellished with Lead Free Czech Glass

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