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Customer at a wedding - Green and coral wrap bracelet paired perfectly with this print.

When I'm not at work with my bent-nose pliers, round-nose pliers, wire cutters, chain-nose pliers, beads, and other tools of the trade; I'm on the move taking care of my family. I'm a wife, mom, and homemaker.

Making jewelry and having others wear my work has been a life long dream of mine. I've tried sewing, embroidery, appliqué, drawing, painting, as well as calligraphy. I found my talent in jewelry making in my adult years. Yay! I am thankful for the joy that it brings to others because bringing happiness into the lives of others is kind of an obsession of mine.

I mainly use genuine semi-precious gemstones and agates for their spiritual connection to the human body. Preciosa brand of traditional glass pearls and the finest Preciosa Czech fire-polished beads, are used sparingly to bring variety, texture and added color to my pieces. I love to work with .925 sterling silver, but I have introduced Argentium Silver (nickle free), stainless steel, and silver-plated brass in some of my designs (be sure to read product descriptions). I strive to bring you jewelry that will complement any outfit and last a long time to come; specially for the mom, homemaker, gal who wants to add a natural elegance to her easy-going style. Hannah's Gemstone Jewelry says In Simplicity There Is Elegance and Versatility.

My supplies are from reputable wholesalers located here in the United States and so I'm able to bring you great quality items at an affordable price.

Streaks, stripes, veins, marks, are what make each piece of gemstone unique, like snowflakes no two pieces are exactly alike, and therefore most of my pieces have one in stock.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you are well pleased with the decision you have made to shop at Hannah's Gemstone Jewelry. Happy shopping!

I have chosen Zibbet, a handmade marketplace to showcase HannahsGems makes to you. I shop at Zibbet and support Zibbet handmade sellers. BTW, No account is needed to shop this site; you'll be asked for name and email during the purchasing process, fill these in and continue as normal to the checkout process - no problem.


HannahsGems - Simplicity with style and function

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Customer submitted photo. Anniversary dinner.

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Customer photo - purple wrap bracelet at a tea party.

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Custom orders welcome - Bridesmaids bracelets

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