Gold | Red | Black Linear Gemstone Earrings

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Product Description

Gold, red, and black asymmetrical earrings. Linear dangles of red bamboo coral and black agate cylindrical beads. Delicate and quite feminine. I see these earrings adding pizazz to a simple plaid outfit.

What is gold filled?
Firstly it is not to be confused with gold plated. Gold is a very soft metal on its own. For jewelry making and jewelry wear a harder metal is needed, mainly brass. Basically, the gold is rolled over the brass and bonded to create a thick seal so that only the gold is in contact with the skin. This method was designed to make gold jewelry more affordable (grab this pair now at its introductory price). Gold filled is considered hypoallergenic or a safe alternative for metal allergies. Gold filled jewelry is more durable than gold plated and can last for several years with proper care.

Measurements: 4cm hanging length

Metals: 12kt - 14kt Gold filled

Finish: Gold

Style: Asymmetrical Dangle

(1)Czech glass crystal
(2)Red bamboo coral (dyed) with silver plated caps
(3)Black agate tubes (dyed) with sterling silver.

Color: Gold, red, black, silver. Mixing metals give such a regal and chic appeal.

Hannah's Gemstone Jewelry earrings are made with quality materials for longevity. Attention is paid to the weightiness of earrings and make light-weight designs that are comfortable to wear on pierced ears. Earwire metals included sterling silver, 14K gold-filled, or steel - you will be informed in the individual item description.

Style: Dangle. Fish hook. Wire wrapped. Mixed metal.

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Gold | Red | Black Linear Gemstone Earrings Gold | Red | Black Linear Gemstone Earrings Gold | Red | Black Linear Gemstone Earrings Gold | Red | Black Linear Gemstone Earrings