Crystal Blue Knotted Bracelet in Large

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Product Description

Crystal blue knotted bracelet goes nicely with denim, an anywhere bracelet.
Botswana semi precious agate. Closes with ring and bar clasp (toggle clasp).

Size: 8 to 8 1/4 inches

Beads: Czech glass and natural Botswana agate.

Color: Blue (dark aqua). Gray hues. Green (knots). Silver.

Metal: Silver Plated brass/alloy and Sterling silver closure.

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Hannah's Gemstone Jewelry mainly uses sterling silver made in the USA, with natural stones that have been used for many centuries. All the specifically selected gemstones have important things in common; they are thought to align the body with Earth's natural energy for emotional health and wellness. These are happy stones that were once worn to protect the wearer and attract positive energy and people. Each one of us may have our own gemstone that works in harmony with us.

Crystal Blue Knotted Bracelet in Large Crystal Blue Knotted Bracelet in Large Crystal Blue Knotted Bracelet in Large