Black Stone and Turquoise Matrix Earrings

$17.00 USD


Product Description

Striped agate in matte stone finish with natural turquoise, gemstone earrings. Unique (asymmetrical) earrings, because these stones and gems are in their raw form with color variations and natural matrix (stripes and veins). Streaks, stripes, veins, marks, are what make each piece of gemstone unique, like snowflakes no two pieces are exactly alike.

Measurements: 1 1/4 inches long, approximately.

Metal Combinations:
Sterling silver (base)
Stainless steel (hooks). Stainless is durable, strong and sturdy, considered safe for the skin, and highly tarnish resistant.

Beads from bottom to top:
(1) Black agate. Unpolished matte stone.
(2) Turquoise. It was stabilized with a resin to protect it against breakage

Color will vary with each item.

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Black Stone and Turquoise Matrix Earrings Black Stone and Turquoise Matrix Earrings