Black and Amethyst Purple Sterling Silver Earrings

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Product Description

Black onyx and amethyst purple Czech glass earrings. Sterling silver drop earrings with smooth rounds of onyx and the slight shimmer of faceted Czech glass dressed with filigree flower components.

These hooks are shorter than the regular size. Earrings are shipped with a pair of safety backs (you would welcome these if you are prone to loosing earrings).

What is silver Plated Surgical Steel?
Firstly it is not to be confused with regular silver plate in costume jewelry. Silver on its own in delicate jewelry would not be very sturdy. For these earring hooks a harder metal is needed, stainless steel. Basically, the silver is rolled over the steel and bonded to create a thick seal so that only the silver is in contact with the skin. This method was designed to make sterling more affordable in larger supply. Stainless steel is safe for the skin. Stainless steel or surgical jewelry is more durable than regular silver plating custom jewelry and can last for a long time with proper care. Surgical steel is nickle free, tarnish and scratch resistant, and sturdy. As the name suggest it is used in surgery because its durability and hypoallergenic qualities.

Measurements: 1 1/2 inches approximately of hanging length.

Metals: sterling silver, silver plated filigree,sterling silver surgical steel hooks.

Finish: bright silver, polished

Style: drop, fish hook earwires

Beads: (1)Onyx (2) faceted Czech glass in purple amethyst color (3) faceted Czech glass in jet black

Color may vary with each item. Images enlarged to show details.

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Hannah's Gemstone Jewelry mainly uses sterling silver made in the USA, with natural stones that have been used for many centuries. All the specifically selected gemstones have important things in common; they are thought to align the body with Earth's natural energy for emotional health and wellness. These are happy stones that were once worn to protect the wearer and attract positive energy and people. Each one of us may have our own gemstone that works in harmony with us.

Black and Amethyst Purple Sterling Silver Earrings